About GoodNews4ME

GoodNews4ME is a member of Good News the leading Media and Entertainment group with businesses in Film & Music production, Publishing, Interactive & Digital Services, Radio & Television, Digital content offerings.

GoodNews4me was established in the year 2000 as a digital Content and Service Provider, covering the entire Middle East and North Africa region, with a vision of offering cumulative appealing and diversified media and entertainment content. The groupís vast experience in media and publishing gave it the thrust to create, produce, and package bleeding edge content - in different formats (text, graphics, audio and video).

GoodNews4meís portfolio of products allows it to be a one-stop-shop for customers seeking flexibility and shorter time to market and service deployment. We strive to meet our clientís requirements through our professional and implementation services, based on our expertise and our home grown developed solutions.

Backed by the Groupís diversified media and entertainment offering from publishing newspapers, to film and music production, GoodNews4ME delivers and markets different flavors of digital content for all mediums. Moreover we aggregate and transform content from different sources based on the client and market preference.

From web and mobile to all future consumer portable content gadgets, GoodNews4ME will always have its products and services ready to be displayed on those devices.

GoodNews4ME operates through out an array of strategic regional partners for marketing and distributing its products. As partnership is an important pillar in our strategy, we will continuously partner and ally with other companies to achieve our objective of expanding the digital content and value added services market.


To create and promote digital content and services that is best in-class and delivering it across media platforms for a quality audience experience.


- Placing creativity and excellence at the core of what we do.
- Remaining focused on quality content and services across media platforms
- Developing new content and adopting new content distribution methods to expand our customer base based on our in-depth market research.
- Merging traditional media products with latest technology
- Synergizing business practices to maximize efficiency and returns
- Continuing to develop our human and technical resources to be able to deliver targeted audience experience
- Instilling a forward-thinking corporate culture driven towards innovative market concepts

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